Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is a new adventure for me so it may be awhile before anything shows up here,lol.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the journey with me as we learn how to play here.


  1. Way to go Rosie! Looking forward to seeing all the great inspiration you post here. Congrats on taking the plunge!

  2. Hey Rosie I'm proud of you, looking forward to seeing your blog grow. Congratulations on joining us all...
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  3. Great job so far! You'll love it. When I started I thought I'd post maybe once a week. Haven't missed a day since the first day back in November. It's kind of addicting-LOL.

  4. Hello Rosie,
    Welcome in blogland. I am sure you will like it here and I love to come back and see your creations here! Good luck!!
    Greetings from The Netherlands


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