Thursday, June 9, 2011


While I was washing some tea bottles I felt the bottom and thought ummm maybe I can use this to stamp.... so I had to stop washing them and go play with it to see what it would look like and even if it would work. Well I used Tim Holtz destrees inks and it worked pretty good. I didn't make this into a card just showing that it does work. One bottle is of the tea varity and the smaller one is one I got flowers in a long time ago. Just check the bottoms because some have markings in the middle of the bottom, mine didn't.Now off to see what else i can play with. Have a great day and take a look at your supples to see how they can be used in other ways.

I'm sure others have done this also but thought it was kinda cool.

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Here is a sympathy card for a face book friend who lost here husband unexpectedly. Hard to find words to say.