Monday, November 28, 2011


Well the last two images I did I did not post because I was not really happy with them. But this time I am going to so I can see if I make some progress with coloring in the image's. Not something I am good at. On the two I did here I used colored pencils first then went over them with the same color of maker...... I like the way the color is brighter when I do that. But getting it to photograph is some times hard.

The little girl is on pop dots so she stands up for more demention.
Hope you enjoy todays little challenge!!!! It was kinda fun just coloring for a change!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well I  finally made my hubby an anniversary card just before our anniversary which is today,lol. We have arrived at the 36th one. Wow time sure is flying by!! We had a some what of a great day. I had my lower back go out getting ready to go to dinner at a local Ponderosa. Hurts like heck but my chiro person was only in till 11am so she didn't call back so we decided to go out for lunch!! It was good as usual. But we ended up with a flat  tire after going over some railroad ties and had to fix that at the restaurant!! Well it seems the plug came out of the tire that hubby had put in awhile back so easy fix then we finally got into the restaurant to eat. Then we checked out a new TJMAX store that went in. It was a sorta fast look thru since I couldn't stand up to straight even using my cane,lol. Will be going back for Christmas shopping for sure.
Well we got home and watched the rest of PENNSTATE football game. To bad they lost but they tried. Enough said on that subject because I can get really angry at what is going on there!!!!!! So now for my card and another one that I made.

The top one is the one I gave to my hubby! 

Monday, November 7, 2011


This is a challenge card but didn't turn out quit the way I wanted it too,lol. Trying to get back into making some cards!! It is being a little bit of a struggle..... I'm thinking that maybe I am bored with what I have been making and need some knew idea's!!!! Now that is a thought to wonder over for awhile and see what I can do about it,lol. Well here is the card.
Now I am not sure why I didn't notice that the white square embossed with white glitter embossing powder would not show up even thou there is color in the glitter. Oh well it is a learning experience!!!! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is off topic of making cards but is some really good info on finding people. This is a link to JOHN A HODA'S facebook page that will lead you too his main page of finding lost heirs. He is married to my cousin Gloria and is really good at this job. So if you need help here is a place to try.!/missingheirfinders

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a terrific day!

A few more christmas cards

Made a few of these with some new embossing folders,added some fed ribbons along the sides then tied in a not. another bridge card. ...