Monday, September 15, 2014


I am not sure what others are seeing on my blog. But i am trying to change the background. I still see the patchwork on the blog and only the center being what i am changing to, hope that makes sense. I can not get the  HOTBLIGGITY BLOG off of my page. Any one know how to do this?? I have already tried to delete it but still there, ummmm so frustrating. I will keep at it and hope one day i can see what is in my preview pain............ OK done   

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  1. Hi Rosie

    Seems Hot Bliggity uses an HTML Code in your LAYOUT area you need to delete the HTML Code for it and Poof it should disappear :)

    if it's still there check Template>Customise(Orange Button)>Advanced>Scroll to Add CSS and make sure the white box is empty
    hope that helps :)
    hugs Nikki


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